Our Youth Group currently includes from 7th grade up through High School plus 3. In a medium sized church we find this necessary. It has worked out fine, with a good repartee between all ages. In the near future we hope to bring on Ryan & Kimmie McDanel as leaders of the Youth Group, while the Pastor and his wife, Phyllis start a College/Career Small Group during the week.

Our goal is to communicate God's call of salvation with an eye to God's glory in everything. We want to challenge people of all ages and the youth are no exception. While encouraging them to follow Christ, we maintain a consistent unconditional love toward all. We don't ever want to communicate that you will only be accepted if you espouse our beliefs and become a Christian. We want that, but are also cognizant of the fact that some may profess a belief in order to be accepted by leaders and group. We don't want that!

It has been a joy to watch the growth in many. We pray trusting them into God's hands.