We began this women's ministry in October of 1997 as a direct desire to offer a middle-of-the-week class to strengthen the faith of three ladies whom I as Pastor was counseling. We thought we ought to open it to all women and 12 came the first week.

It may seem odd that the Pastor should lead the women's class, but for over 15 years that has not seemed to be a problem! I am thankful that a few years ago, when my wife stopped working outside the home, Phyllis could join us in the class. She certainly adds that certain wisdom and insight I lack.

We began the class in 2 Corinthians in order to teach a biblical view of suffering and trials. And though grounded securely in God's Word, my goal was not to necessarily "get through" this or any book of the Bible. My chief aim was and is to communicate God in practical ways. We have not hesitated to delve into any subject. We take questions and those may lead us into numerous meetings seeking the answers.

I can honestly say that this format has been the seedbed for many deep and fulfilling discussions which have directed us into a richer knowledge of God.