Baptist Church of Perry Nursery Policy
                                                                                                           Effective as of July 30, 2019

To Parents, Caregivers, and Nursery Workers:

Purpose/Objective: The nursery is a ministry to bless those with children ages 0-3 years old with a safe environment and to provide responsible adult supervision so that parents and guardians may have undistracted worship.


1. Only nursery workers, children, and guardians are allowed in the nursery. This will be strictly enforced to maintain order and safety.

2. Only designated adults may pick up children from the nursery.

3. All children must be signed into the nursery.

4. Only church members may be considered to be nursery workers.

5. Helpers must be 12 years or older and/or at the discretion of the parent and nursery coordinator.

6. Nursery workers and helpers are responsible to find their own replacement if unable to work a scheduled day.
Nursery workers- There will be one adult nursery workers in charge and one (or more if needed) helper(s). Nursery workers are to arrive 10 minutes early. Please open nursery, greet parents dropping children off and have parents sign children in. *The nursery is for infants and children ages 0-3 any special circumstances for older children are to be at the discretion of the nursery worker in charge that day. Additional helpers (teen and/or adult) may be needed in the event of more than 6 children in the nursery or at the discretion of the nursery worker in charge. Nursery workers are to provide a safe, calm, pleasant environment.

Nursery Helpers- There is to be one nursery helper (or more if need be) in the nursery at all times. The nursery helper is to help the nursery worker in charge, play and interact with nursery children. Helpers are to give snacks and drinks to the children, wash and clean cups and dishes used, retrieve parents if needed, help pick up toys, and tidy the nursery in the end. Nursery helpers may not leave until given permission by the nursery worker in charge.

The nursery has age appropriate toys and games with a private bathroom facility for littles. Also available is a private room with crib, changing table, and rocking chair.